Student-run program that promotes coding concepts, languages, interactions and the development of apps using iOS Swift Playgrounds

About appCamp

Powered by ihub & founded by two DSBN Students, Danny Moutilika & Pranav Parakh, appCamp is a student-run program that promotes coding concepts, languages, interactions and the development of apps using iOS Swift Playgrounds. Students that register for this camp will get introduced to computer programming through Swift Playgrounds through accelerated lessons on Commands, Functions, Operators, Boolean Logic and many other topics.

To keep up in a world where everything seems like yesterday's news, having a fundamental understanding of technology is now as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. appCamp is a student-run program that promotes coding concepts, languages, interactions and the development of apps using iOS Swift Playgrounds

Our goal is to spark an interest in computer science and improve digital literacy in our community. We do this by teaching students the basics of programming in Swift, a common language used to develop applications (apps) in iOS (Apple) in a inclusive, peer-led environment.

We’ve recently updated this page with information about our Virtual appCamp. At this time, this sessional program will only be available for students with the Technical Requirements* available to support their learning from home.

This program is led by DSBN Student Facilitators, and the ihub Team.

*Technical Requirements: Access to an iPad running iOS 12 or higher or a Mac with macOS 10.15.3 or higher

What will attendees do?

Attendees will join our online classroom and learn the fundamentals of Commands, Functions, Operators, Boolean Logic, and more from Peer Facilitators. Between online sessions, students will have access to learning materials and are encouraged to learn at their own pace.

After you enroll in this program, you will…

  • Receive an invitation to our appCamp Google Classroom
  • Get access to a new lesson which you will be able to access throughout the entire program
  • Join us for a virtual class (audio, screen share and chat only!) to review the concepts of the week
  • Have the opportunity to have Q&A with our instructors
  • Enjoy learning the fundamentals of iOS Swift, covering the following topics over five weeks:

    1. Commands (30 minutes)* - Learn the most basic part of swift - telling your computer what to do! In this section, students will learn how to give their playground specific instructions like moveForward() or turnLeft().
    2. Functions (20 minutes)* - Functions are a group of commands that are given a single name. In this section, students will learn how to make their code more efficient by recognizing patterns and using them to create strings of commands.
    3. For-Loops (30 minutes)* - Getting tired of repeating your code again and again? That's what we have for-loops for. In this section, students learn the syntax and how to nest commands inside loops to repeat their code.
    4. If-Else Statements (40 minutes)* - Conditionals let you make your code more versatile. In this section, students learn how to create and use if-else statements so that their code will run only when certain conditions are met.
    5. Operators (20 minutes)* - Need more specificity in your if-else statements? That’s what operators are for. Formally called logical operators, this section will teach students how to use symbols like >,&&,!, and || to solve challenging problems with their operators.
    6. While loops (40 minutes)* - In this section, students finally get the chance to combine what they have learned about loops and conditionals! This section allows students to use while loops to run commands while a condition is met.
    7. Variables (30 minutes)* - Variables let you store values under a given name. In this section, students will create and use their own variable to count how many gems they have, how many portals are open, or even to create multiple versions of their characters!
    8. Types (20 minutes)* - This section allows students to classify their code that they have run so far into types. Using these types, students are expected to create multiple iterations of their characters to solve challenges.
    9. Initialization (20 minutes)* - Now that students have categorized their code with types, they have to create iterations of those classes. Initialization is the process that students will learn in this section to place new characters into their digital playground.
    10. Parameters (35 minutes)* - Remember those pesky empty brackets after every function? Parameters allow students to input data into their commands and functions in order to make them more specific and efficient.
    11. Arrays (60 minutes)* - In these sections, students learn how to create and amend arrays. They will have to use everything they have learned so far to create arrays of characters, gems, and even the land and water around them!

  • Cost

    NONE - this online pilot has no fees associated.

    Who Is appCamp For?

    appCamp is for all students under 18 who are interested in computer programming and app development.

    Our camps are designed to give learning experiences that are fun, engaging, empowering and inspirational. Through hands-on, collaborative, project-based learning, kids end each day having built something. This camp experience is designed to help kids see technology in a whole new light – as a medium for self-expression, and as a means for changing the world.

    appCamp is for students who have access to an iPad* or Mac* and are interested in learning how to develop apps or, lean Apple’s programming language, iOS Swift.

    *iPad running iOS 12 or higher or a Mac with macOS 10.15.3 or higher and are interested


    None! Our camps are designed for absolute beginners to join in!

    Technology Requirements

    Access to an iPad running iOS 12 or higher or a Mac with macOS 10.15.3 or higher.

    What's Included and What We'll Cover

    • Online interactive learning and collaborative project building
    • Mentorship and support from Peer Lead Facilitators and the ihub Team
    • Five weeks of subject specific presentations and activities

    appCamp is a sessional program and is not being offered at this time. Check back or email us to be added to the waiting list for our next program:!