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Celebrating DSBN Secondary Makers at Innovation Day

about 4 years ago

Empowering students to make and create - that’s what the Innovation Day was all about. On May 30th over 100 DSBN students and 17+ mentors came together for the first annual celebration of DSBN Makers. The day started off with a video introduction to the Maker Movement which combines high-tech and low-tech activities to help students explore their creativity. With the mission of encouraging the spirit of creativity and critical thinking students were asked to consider and reflect on these questions throughout the day; What does being a maker mean to you? Why does making matter? Why do we engage in the activity of making instead of just buying ready made activities for students to play with? Students were then sent off to organically choose one of the following station to kick-off the day; Lego, Rube Goldberg Machine, Button Making, Printmaking & Book Folding, Beads/Bracelets, 3D Printing, Sewing, Video Studio, Arduino, Coding, Green Screen, Makey Makeys, Robotics, Art Canvas and Machines. Over lunch students got to hangout with Futurist Dennis Kambietz and have an interactive discussion about the transferable skills you can develop through “making” and how the movement is valuable in preparing students for an unpredicted future workforce where he encouraged the students to trust in themselves and just create. In true maker spirit, students were able to flow from station to station and create whatever their maker hearts desired.

This event was a reflection and celebration of the maker movement that is already happening in DSBN schools, spearheaded by innovative educators either in the classroom or through extra-curricular activities. The Second Edition of Innovation Day will celebrate making at the Elementary level, taking place on June 19th at Club Roma in St.Catharines.