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Entrepreneurial Thinking Workbook FETC Media Release

4 years ago

Workbook Designed to Help Students Develop An Entrepreneurial Mindset Debuts at 2017 Future of Education Technology Conference

Brainspace Publishing and The Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub) will showcase their Entrepreneurial Thinking Workbook for the first time in Orlando, FL.

St.Catharines, ON - January 17 2017 - Brainspace Publishing and The Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub) have teamed up to bring entrepreneurial thinking into the classroom. The Entrepreneurial Thinking Interactive Workbook is a unique resource with materials and activities that focus on the creative transferable skills associated with entrepreneurship such as critical thinking, generating ideas, developing and refining ideas, customer/audience research, and effective communication.

Educators have been assigned a tough task of training our future workforce with the skills needed to succeed in jobs that aren’t even created yet. What do “future ready” students look like? While we can’t be sure, what we anticipate is that students will need to nurture thinking outside of the box and transferable skills associated with entrepreneurial thinking. Entrepreneurship education empowers students to become “do-ers” and innovators, two traits that are useful for the unknown workforce they will be entering. Educators can prepare their students to become future leaders by incorporating entrepreneurial thinking into daily lessons and activities in any class, these concepts are not exclusive to business classes. This Toolkit can be used as an entry point into entrepreneurship education if it’s a new concept in the classroom or, used to compliment to the existing lessons about entrepreneurship that have already been introduced to students.

This fully interactive toolkit is aligned with the US and Canadian curriculum requirements and divided into units that roughly correspond with the stages of idea/product development. Each unit contains suggested learning outcomes, a brief teacher’s introduction, activities, and an Augmented Reality feature powered by Blippar - a free App that can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play- with insightful videos giving you some useful background information on the concepts in the unit.

For those attending the conference, the Workbook will be explored in detail during their joint workshop W069: Educate 2 Innovate: How to Bring Entrepreneurial Concepts Into Your School & Classroom on Thursday, January 26 from 2-4:30PM at the Hyatt Regency - Bayhill 27. Those that cannot attend are encouraged to get more information from the Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub) located at booth 2213 or Brainspace located at booth 2005DD.

About Brainspace Publishing

Brainspace presents a multi-sensory journey fusing digital and print media in a dynamic and compelling way. The publication strives to present the most inspirational stories and articles, positive role models that can inspire young audiences and an eagerness to learn. Brainspace is the result of a desire to keep kids reading by offering a way to integrate the technology they love.

About The Educational Research & Innovation Hub (ihub)

ihub is a dynamic incubation entity focused in the Educational Technology (EdTech) sector. ihub facilitates collaboration among educators, students, parents, researchers, industry leaders, and ihub Portfolio Companies to enhance and innovate the modern education experience and foster local economic development and growth. Powered by Educational Partners, the District School Board of Niagara, Brock University and Niagara College, and by Innovate Niagara. ihub is the first educational technology incubator in North America to be located inside a K-12 school facility.

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