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Inclusive Elementary Education: Assistive Technology & Classroom Apps for Teaching and Learning

3 years ago

Last week we hosted a new workshop, “Inclusive Elementary Education: Assistive Technology & Classroom Apps for Teaching and Learning” for elementary teachers, teacher librarians, school support services, and learning resource teachers. Megan Henning, DSBN educator & Brock University Alumni, led attendees through an introductory workshop focused on the benefits of assistive technology by showcasing iPad accessible features and apps. While at Brock, Megan focused her studies on students with exceptionalities in the classroom and the need for accommodation.

Megan informed attendees of the accessibility features on iPads including larger text, greyscale and colour inversion, guided access and assistive touch. Attendees also had a chance to explore a number of apps which focus on supporting inclusive teaching and learning for all students. Suggested apps focused on text to speech, speech to text, word prediction, organization, classroom management and learning to encourage independence, fluency, flexibility, assessment and engagement for students.

The workshop concluded with a presentation from a student entrepreneur from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Daniel Genkin. Daniel’s company, DGApps, provides Software Development & Computer Design, focusing on App and game development, 3D modeling, and video & image editing. Daniel, who is also a participant in BioLinc’s Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship Program, showcased his App, HandTack - an innovative report mouse. Attendees were impressed with Daniel’s idea and we think you will be too! Check it out here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daniel.apps.handtrack&hl=en