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Kindergartens Love Technology Too!

3 years ago

On March 6th, we welcomed facilitators Dr.Debra Harwood and Dane Di Cesare of Brock University’s Faculty of Education for an interactive beginner/intermediate session on how to use Apps within the Kindergarten classroom. Kindergartens Love Technology too.. Using Apps to Foster Learning in the Early Years focused on supporting an inquiry-based approach that builds upon children’s engagement in their learning through creative digital play experiences. Our facilitators demonstrated how iPad’s and Apps can be used at any stage of the Inquiry cycle and highlighted where the Apps they presented best fit in the cycle. “Using Apps in the classroom is about being a risk taker. You need to adopt an inquiry mindset of play, creativity and risk-taking.”, said Dr.Hardwood. Attendees were introduced to Shadow Puppet Edu, Toca Life School, Toca Nature, Class Dojo, My Story and Chatterpix, all apps that Dr.Harwood and Mr.Cesare have coined, “Evergreen Apps” referring to Apps that are “green all season”. “Everygreen Apps” have no single-skill based purpose rather, the App provides multiple opportunities and can be used for a variety of purposes and subject areas.

Attendees, who were primarily ECE’s and Kindergarten teachers, were then able to engage is hands-on App exploration and round-table discussion about how they would implement what they learned in their own classrooms. The facilitators closed with two important takeaways for attendees:
  1. The iPad is NOT a reward. Teach students that the iPad is a learning tool and a tool for inquiry, not a gaming device or a toy (it should not be used as a tool for behavioural management).
  2. Be mindful of the privacy/security of data you are collection. Privacy of students is one of the top concerns, if there’s an app you want to use check with the team and make sure it’s approved by board or district.
  3. Take Risks!

Stay tuned for future events with our partners from Brock University, Faculty of Education.