Our Portfolio Companies

ihub Portfolio Companies are focused in the K-12 Educational Technology (EdTech) sector.

ihub provides our Portfolio Companies with technical assistance, professional services, education connections, and EdTech business resources and connections through a combination of in-house expertise, partnership shared services, and an extensive network of industry and community support.

Promoting Geo-literacy and community participation through Geography.

Understanding student learning with more than just grades.

Develop and deliver educational training materials to suit your business needs.

Game-based learning for kids. Insight and personalization for educators.

An immersive virtual learning platform where students and teachers connect, collaborate, create and explore

Learning to read opens new worlds of confidence and possibilities

We provide software, resources, and support for Inspiration and Kidspiration.

Empower children of all ages to be tomorrow’s leaders as innovators.

The Caribou Mathematics Competition is a world wide online contest that is held six times throughout the school year

Connecting learning to the real world by equipping users with the skills they need for success beyond the classroom.

Building Better Tools for Digital Education

Cloud-based device-agnostic platform that offers highly interactive STEM simulations

The Planetary Laboratory offers free + engaging educational content highlighting the world’s learning destinations.

College resource platform allowing users to share innovative applied resources to support the teaching-learning relationship

Crowd-sourced online encyclopedia of educational short clips that connect theoretical concepts to their real world applications

Innovation in media content, and communication training.

Co-design process to create new possibilities for learning in games, interactive activities, toys, and media experiences.

A comprehensive, relational thinking approach to literacy instruction & learning… en anglais et en français

The only environment with rich resources for learning in a fully integrated toolset.

Connect with thousands of educators. Together,building better education through collaboration and idea sharing.

Intelligence in Your School. Data-Driven Education Is Finally Here

Effortless Volunteer Scheduling & Tracking

Sesame is an assessment platform designed for each student’s growing success.

AI based cognitive remediation for people with dyslexia, learning differences, ADHD, Autism and Aphasia